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Our Customers Frequently Asked Questions...


Are there any side effects using Harrogate Sulphur Soap products?

We have no record of any complaints.


Are your products tested on animals?



Can I just use the products individually?

Yes, but to maintain a healthy skin condition, use one of our first line treatments (Original range soap bars, Sulphur Cream, Body Lotion, Bath Crystals), supplemented with another product. Improvements may not happen overnight, think of it as a system, routinely using our products over a reasonable period.


Can my children use your products safely?

Of course, there is no reason why our products couldn’t be used on the youngest members of your family. However we always advise that if a problem persists, you should always see your GP.


Do your products contain steroids or coal tar?

No, we consider the long-term use of the above ingredients to be harmful.


How long will it be before I see an improvement in my condition?

We have never claimed to have a cure for any skin condition, however treatment needs to be given a reasonable chance to work (subject to a persistent or worsening condition – whereupon you must visit your GP). Individually results may vary, but within one month an improvement should be evident.


I am concerned about SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), reading a lot about it on the web?

SLS has been widely used for many years, in products recommended by dermatologists and in many hospitals. There is no evidence of carcinogenicity, ‘urban myths’ and much misleading information is one of the less than positive features of the Internet.


What about Parabens?

Similarly, no evidence exists to concern anyone using products containing ‘parabens’. They are necessary in preserving products from bacteria. Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives in skincare and pharmaceutical products. These groups of preservatives inhibit the growth of a very broad spectrum of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. They are usually better tolerated than potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (classed as 'natural' preservatives). They are well researched, have high tolerance; very low toxicity, and have now been used for over 70 years.


What about allergic reactions?

All of our products comply with EU regulations and the all of their directives in respect of the cosmetic regulations. But you should always check the ingredients, which are clearly stated on the packaging.


What about conditions such as Rosacea?

Sulphur’s broad range of therapeutic properties (complimented with Vitamin E), mean it is suitable in treating almost any skin condition, we all have and need sulphur in our bodies.

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